We monitor budgets on a monthly basis

Health care spending is no longer solely in the realm of HR – the Chief Financial Officer and other members of the finance department are now taking an active role in managing this expense. We monitor budgets on a monthly basis and adjust accrual rates when necessary – not simply once a year. In addition to continuous monitoring of the budget, we provide the following services, tailored according to your needs.

  • Plan Design, Renewals, Funding Rates, Costs Allocations, Contribution Strategies
  • Cash Flows and Plan Performance Assessments
  • Health Claim Liabilities: Unpaid Claims, IBNR, and other
  • Plan Termination and Terminal Liability Calculations
  • Trend and Claim Cost Analysis (Aggregate and Components)
  • Budget Projections/Forecasts – Accruals, Expenses, Premiums, Claims, Stop Loss
  • Provider Network Discount and Carrier Pricing Financial Analysis
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Impact Analysis
  • Actuarial Equivalences, Actuarial Certifications, Second Opinions, Other