Population Health Management

We’re a wellness-centric organization

The vast majority of members covered by health insurance require only infrequent health care services, beyond routine primary care and occasional urgent and emergent care. In fact, most credible groups experience higher than average health care costs two out of every five years and these spikes are almost always the result of high dollar or large claims and these losses are either pooled or insured – they get netted out.

Large claims risk management goes hand-in-hand with long-term corporate health and wellness initiatives that align cost with both plan design and membership lifestyle choices – key factors impacting cost.  We believe an integral part of your benefits strategy involves fully understanding what specific membership risks are lurking within your group.  It is not enough to measure precisely your members clinical and lifestyle risks that could lead to a large claim – it is what you do about it that matters.  CU Benefits, at its core, is a wellness-centric organization.

We are focused on both ends of the healthcare spectrum – from high-risk, high-cost claimant management to wellness, fitness, and nutrition.  CU Benefits works with clients to create a corporate culture that is built on multi-faceted healthy lifestyle measures.