Voluntary Benefits

We will help you design a voluntary benefits program your employees will love.

Voluntary Benefits Make Your Plan Better

When you offer the right voluntary benefits, you make a good plan great. You’ll have more satisfied employees and you’ll be in a better position to compete for talent.

Your CU Benefits advisor works with you to understand your unique company culture and goals, develop a strategy, identify the products that make sense for your organization and design an implementation plan that will drive enrollment.

Reduce Costs

We’ll review your business goals, your cost management efforts and your claims data. Then we’ll recommend a voluntary benefits strategy that can reduce overall plan costs and improve productivity.

Boost Employee Satisfaction

We’ll analyze your employee demographics and current plan participation rates. Then we’ll recommend the right product mix of voluntary benefits that gives employees at every life stage the choices they need.

Make it Personal with CU Benefits

Voluntary benefits options are expanding. There are more supplemental medical, financial protection and lifestyle options than ever before. It can be hard to know where to start. That’s why CU Benefits partners with you to identify your needs, present the best options, and craft your perfectly personalized voluntary benefits program.

Personalized Options

We’ll negotiate directly with the leading carriers to help you deliver personalized voluntary benefits to your employees – the options they want at the best prices, on the best terms.

Customized Rollout

Employees can be overwhelmed by too many changes and too many options. We’ll help you prioritize and roll out new plan options on a timeline that makes it easy for your employees to evaluate their choices.

Tailored Communications

Good communication is essential to a successful open enrollment. Whether they prefer high tech or high touch, we’ll tailor a voluntary benefits communications plan that will reach your employees.

Managed Enrollment

We’ll manage the enrollment process from start to finish. Your voluntary benefits will be fully integrated with your core benefits plan to ensure maximum value and participation.