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13 April 2016
What is a Self-funded Health Plan?
A health plan under which an employer assumes the responsibility and related financial risk for payi... more
12 April 2016
Self-funding Health Plans for Groups Under 250 Employees
When small and mid-sized companies explore the potential benefits of self-funding, they may encounte... more
12 April 2016
Stop Doing Open Enrollment Meetings!
Are you tired of using the same new hire orientation and Open Enrollment format to educate your empl... more
12 April 2016
What will ACA health care reform cost my organization?
Healthcare Reform has been a thorn in most HR executive’s side.  To understand what the Affor... more
07 December 2015
Is there more risk for smaller employers to partially self-insure their health plan than larger employers?
Employers with less than a couple hundred employees have long thought self-funding their medical... more
20 June 2015
Does self-funding group benefits create more work?
Adopting a partially self-insured group health plan does not create more work for HR and benefit... more
07 June 2015
Is the cost of health benefits the same regardless of being fully-insured vs. partially self-insured?
If your health plan is fully-insured, the rates are fixed, premiums paid monthly and adjusted (a... more
10 January 2014
Should We Use a Private Exchange?
For decades, employers primarily collaborated with insurance brokers and carriers to provide hea... more